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MISSION FUEL - In our partnership with the missionaries, we ensure safe and dedicated air transportation to the cause of evangelism in the villages, riverside communities and traditional peoples, inhabitants in isolated regions or at risk in the Amazon.
Asas de Socorro | Giving wings to those who give their lives.
Harold Berk and James Lomheim in the disambled Piper Tri-Pacer they were rebuilding
Asas de Socorro The year was 1955. Two young families had recently arrived in Brazil from the United States, the Berks and the Lomheims, sent by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) with the intent of beginning missionary aviation service in Brazil. They begin with Portuguese language study, and then in 1956, MAF purchased the first plane for use in Brazil - a damaged Piper Tri-Pacer. Harold Berk and James Lomheim rebuilt the airplane in their backyards, and at the end of that year, the first missionary aviation flight in Brazil departed from the city of Cuiaba. In 1957, a new vision was born to train Brazilians to work in the area of missionary aviation. This dream was realized with the opening of the Escola de Aviação Asas de Socorro (Wings of Mercy Aviation School) in 1972, with the first student graduating in 1977.
Today, Asas de Socorro is still providing missionary aviation training as well as aviation services to missionaries and churches in four different cities in northern Brazil. It is staffed primarily by Brazilians, but also has personnel from the US, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.
Boa Vista International Airport, Roraima, Brazil
  • U$ 12.50 (twelve dollars and fifty cents)
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  • U$ 55.50 (fifty-five dollars and fifty cents)
  • U$ 105.50 (one hundred and five dollars and fifty cents)

Donate any amount by one or more times.
Missionary aviation is today a powerful tool in the hands of God for the advancement of the Gospel in the Brazilian Amazon.
Always add U$ 0.50 (fifty cents) in all your donations for our identification.

For each real you donate, we will receive the same amount in double. A donation from the JAARS mission, our partner in the USA.

Refuel and move on!
The result is immediate! We can reduce our operating costs and fly ever further. Making more flights and reaching the entire Amazon to Jesus Christ. Their help is essential for the maintenance of missionary aviation and the advancement of the Gospel in these regions so lacking in help and salvation. Donate now!
Each flight renews hope for a better future for them.
CLICK BELOW AND PARTICIPATE! - A missionary flight travels an average distance of 1,100 km in a few hours, consuming around 300 liters of fuel (round trip) - which gives us approximately 5 hours of autonomy.
Our Brazilian bank accounts:
Agência: 0240-2
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ASAS DE SOCORRO - CNPJ: 01.052.752/0001-69 - Send donation receipts to: and receive our materials, mission field news and thank-you letters / emails.

Whatsapp: (exclusive for donations) +55 (15) 98105-8217
Phone: +55 (62) 4014-0333
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